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A wood burning furnace is a stove that uses wood as fuel to generate energy and is primarily used for cooking and heating. There are several types of wood burner stoves available with a range of styles and designs depending on the user’s needs. When individuals use wood stoves, they typically build fires inside a sturdily constructed and insulated compartment that can withstand considerable heat. Many people enjoy wood burning stoves due to their ease of use and heating capabilities.

Wood Stove Installation Portland Oregon

Consumers in recent years have rediscovered the elegance and charm of a wood burner. The first step when considering a new unit is determining how you’ll use it. For some homeowners it is the perfect complement to an already existing heating system. For others, it might be used as a backup in the event natural gas or electricity to the home becomes interrupted. Selecting the right stove means finding one that has the functionality to closely match your home environment and requirements.

A wood stove installation Portland company such as All Fuel Installation will helps you choose and install the wood stove that best fit your individual situation. You’ll find everything from contemporary stove designs with a range of color options to antique reproductions. The heating capacity of the device often determines its cost. Many affordable models are now available that can easily fit into an existing fireplace. It’s important to purchase a new stove with the idea of it serving your home as a dependable heat source for many years.

More and more homeowners are finding that modern stove designs are now less polluting and more efficient than their past counterparts. The placement of a new stove should be handled by a professional wood stove installation Portland expert. All Fuel Installation offers highly efficient wood units that allow customers to enjoy the warmth and smell of a traditional fire. Wood burning stoves require special care when installing and must adhere to the dimensions set forth by the manufacturer for maximum performance and safety.

New wood stove and fireplace installations are among our many specialties. We can install your new unit or diagnosis operating problems you may be having with an existing wood burning device. For maximum comfort in your home contact the professionals of All Fuel Installation today.

Wood Stove Installation Portland Oregon